The IQS intranet where you will find all the information you need

New IQS Campus

Whether you are a student, teacher or staff, we just made the IQS campus available to you. The Campus brings together all the information you need in your day to day. And we made it easy for you. Everything has been simplified into large sections: study, university life and future.

If you need to know what happens, what to do in the event of an accident or how to set up eduroam, just click on University life. However, if you want to know what the school days are, apply for a scholarship or apply for the degree, just click on Study. And soon we will start putting interesting content for your Future.

From today, the procedures with the academic secretary can be done from the Campus. Just enter the Campus (login) to find the procedure and apply, so simple!

To enter just click, you will also find the link on the IQS website.

Welcome to the IQS Campus!